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China - Romania holds associated stamp exhibition
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China - exhibition of Romanian combination stamp is in Bucharest 25 days museum holds Keteluoqieni opening ceremony, postal delegacy of official of Luo Zheng government office, China and China are stationed in collect embassy officer attended an opening ceremony.

Luo Ke prexy breaths out Yiduke to publish a speech to say, small stamp has use value not only, still can pass substantial information. Lover of Romanian stamp collecting can understand the good the land of country of China of China's long culture history, appreciation not only through one Zhang Zhang stamp, return the step that can see Chinese economy is built.

Current, romania is postal the company is China is in collect the stamp issues a representative. Luo Wen changes ministry secretary-general Liesiku expresses Ni Chu, the Beijing Olympic Games of next year will be sports grand occasion, hope Romania can have an opportunity to issue a stamp about Beijing Olympic Games.

China is stationed in Luo Da to make Xu Jian expresses, in collect the collaboration between political circles of two countries mail and stamp collecting bound already had longer history, two countries once held stamp exhibition in country of the other side for many times, to promote the understanding between two countries people, deepened bilateral affiliation to produce positive effect.

This second stamp is exhibited showpiece stamp of 34 casing China, include the stamp curiosa that Chinese Qing Dynasty takes the place of and Chinese liberated area issues among them, and the concerned politics that after new China holds water, issues, economy, science and technology, culture, military affairs, sports, natural scene, stamp that uses the theme such as the plant. Romanian item on display involves the category such as bequest of cultural relic, building, painterly, culture, sports. The exhibition will end at 27 days.

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