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Macao post office controls mail to taste circulation to prevent the forestall th
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Market of outback stamp collecting fries wind emersion, the elegant post that the object publishs for HongKong and Macow is tasted. Macao postmaster collect shelter person express, market of Macao stamp collecting is healthy still, market of stamp collecting of ceaseless postmortem Macao grows this bureau state, through control mail tastes circulation and a cycle of songs in a traditional opera, as far as possible the measure such as the demand of personage of attend to stamp collecting, prevent this locality to mail city forestall to reach fry sell.

Market of stamp collecting of near future inland heats up ablaze once more, basically be the elegant post that HongKong and Macow publishs is tasted, be chased after by stamp collecting personage hold in both hands.

In the meantime, develop as Macao economy, and plan of outback freedom administration, in recent years Macao mail tastes a sale to increase, many passengers especially outback tourist, love large quantities of buying Macao mail is tasted as souvenir, the mail that subject matter is with Chinese tradition and culture in the center is tasted be in the majority, be like " on the west travel notes " what series and other mail taste is small-sized piece, the most welcome. At present already know exactly about sth covers mail to taste use up via already making work.

Macao mail is tasted welcome, postmaster collect shelter person love to see and hear. However, derive Macao returns to early days, the state that Macao mail tastes circulation to cross big, occurrence supply exceeds demand and the experience that mail of need destroy by melting or burning tastes, he thinks, "Circulation is little, collect value to rise relatively " the inevitable law that is stamp collecting market, if where,accordingly the market and mail are tasted the balance is acquired between circulation, be worth 硏 investigate.

The post that Macao and Chinese stamp head office publish is tasted, have close of partial subject matter, because personage of this some stamp collecting can collect two ground,the mail of relevant subject matter is tasted. This is Macao mail tastes one of welcome reasons.

Macao post office is about to issue 9 days at October " Chinese inland landscape " small-sized piece, the forehead that order already exceeded former circulation ninefold, macao post office will obligate is a certain quantity of sell in retail sales, set sale limit.

Collect shelter person emphasize, forestall, fry sell mail to taste situation general need of lover of your stamp collecting collects Macao mail to taste with higher price ability, this is not a post office to mail the policy that tastes a sale. This bureau can continue to strengthen connection with personage of mail business, stamp collecting, make Macao mail city can develop smoothly.

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