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Unseal city post office and unseal the university holds stamp collecting forum j
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To cooperate China to unseal the 25th chrysanthemum spends meeting and first China to collect culture (unseal) of forum hold, on September 21 afternoon, city post office and unseal the unit such as the university is in jointly unseal university hall held stamp collecting forum.

On the stamp collecting forum that held that day, expert of bound of stamp collecting of province, city, scholar gathers together, with the our city lover of broad stamp collecting undertakes face-to-face communication, taste ancient bronze mirror jointly " Tokyo dream China · flourishing age is classical " personalized stamp. Deputy secretary-general of artistic inspector general of company of province stamp collecting Mr Liu encouraging and stamp collecting association Mr Ge Zhongbo bound of two home stamp collecting is famous expert, with city leader banquet founds a state one case, ground of explain the profound things in a simple way gave stamp collecting lover to attend a lively stamp collecting class, make stamp collecting lover had a new knowledge to the historical culture of the our city. Stamp collecting expert still combines the our city's long history culture, explained " Tokyo dream China · flourishing age is classical " the process of selection of subject of personalized stamp and the characteristic that should cover a stamp, meaning.

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