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Shi Yu is made newly exhibit in Guangdong Dongguan
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Individual art exhibition is in the Shi Yu of home of famous traditional Chinese painting that sponsors by room of painting and calligraphy of countrywide the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference Guangdong Dongguan museum kicks off, this second art exhibition exhibits Shi Yu makes nearly 50 newly, subject matter is tiger, peacock, flowers to wait, art exhibition will end on September 29.

Subject matter of brushwork of I of stone of home of committee member of countrywide the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, famous traditional Chinese painting is extensive, be good at drawing painting of flowers and birds in traditional Chinese style, animal, character to wait, freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese painting of traditional Chinese realistic painting characterized by fine brushwork and close attention to detail has both, be famous in China and foreign countries in order to draw tiger and peacock especially, its ability law is masterly and changeful, writing is bold and romantic. On this second art exhibition,

From on 70 time begins the century, work of Shi Yu's traditional Chinese painting, calligraphy, seal cutting begins overseas to exhibit, suffer for many times invite go to Japan, Thailand, Singapore and area of Hong Kong and Taiwan to hold an individual art exhibition and discourse on an academic subject. 2004, 3 peacocks work of Shi Yu is chosen " peacock " the design of special type stamp, this is the first peacock stamp that China issues.

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