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30 years ago, county post office is full automatic
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The technology is depended on -- epidemic of a times. What the technology depends on is sequential, it is us lazier and lazier, although the technology offerred the possibility that does thing of calm the world easily, but when facing a problem truly, depend on those who bring about is lazy often make us random heart. -- ,

Does post office have stamp vending machine now? I had not noticed really. Nevertheless, 30 years ago, in Heilongjiang the province has " 7 hill 2 water a minute of cropland " Yan Shou county, the post office over there has this to play meaning, put into 8 minutes of coin, spit stamp of 8 minutes of money immediately.

The interesting idea in post office of the county that prolong life is very much still. Take package for instance, the client gives in credential, the assistant presses push button, inside 23 seconds, automatic parcel delivery machine sends a client package before. Still have, electrograph when I remember this thing so that graduation jackarooes, still be done not have in the newspaper office of Beijing. Send a report from abroad, I am gotten first recording again the hand is copied tired die partly, but the family delays birthday to have at that time, the name is returned very cruel, cry " authentic work is faxed " . Mix as to automatic telephone switching equipment the rope that do not have a place of strategic importance is long-distance switching equipment, more be nothing difficult. Northeast farmer loves to make a statement, complimentary arrive: "Made a day of smaller part of long distance call in the past, want to smoke bag of cigarette only now. Want to smoke bag of cigarette only now..

According to August 7, 1977 " People's Daily " say, do not look so a lot of thing of lead, the backbone altogether that the technology develops ability three person -- two technical secondary schools are unripe add an ability school to be born. They how so fierce? Report, they are developed for the technology, basic demon terrified. Thinking also is, always the person of demon terrified, it they can produce the creation with earthshaking what is not strange that they can produce creation.

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