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Two beautiful tails
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China is postal 1992 issued " Ma Zu resembles " special type stamp, the Mom that goes up as a result of the stamp ancestor the stone carving of goddess resembles is by us the Li Weisi of institute of Xiamen university art is mixed Jiang Zhijiang two teachers couplet sleeves of creation, a lot of mail of result whole nation confuses a requirement I look for Professor Li Weisi to do sth for sb autograph head day is sealed, within an inch of is done not have me tired dead. After success, I am cock-a-hoop, wrote down stamp collecting essay " beg " , essay of my the first stamp collecting picks income " stamp collecting affection " . This thinking thing at this point social morality is satisfactory, did not think of 15 years to come, about the story that this piece of stamp brings to me those of this bend over rises, among them two can say " beautiful tail " .

The mail that installs south Fujian confused Xiaofu to already Li Weisi's autograph was sealed, but he feels dissatisfaction is sufficient, still ask Suo Jiangzhi is strong, sent to me then " Ma Zu resembles " first days of the stamp are sealed, the requirement does sth for sb. This Li Weisi is me once neighbour, pour easy to handle, and I do not understand the person that Jiang Zhijiang is a what about, although be in a school together, but the several 10 thousand people in a campus, difference in profession makes one feel worlds apart, be forced then phone connection, had talked about mailbox to be put beforehand, the number that may be mailbox as a result produced careless mistake on the concept, pitiful " Ma Zu resembles " first days are sealed disappear without trace. The thing does was bungled, small Fu Ziran is to be able to say nothing, but left a sore point to me however. The thing is lain between old hind, I attend a meeting to school office, sit together with Jiang Zhijiang unexpectedly, what cries " step broken iron shoe nowhere is searched, will completely do not expend kongfu " , this is typical law case! I am hated tooth root is crawlily, it is this fellow is killed my anxiety is for years! I run to pop one's head in and look about of a few around offices to look for acquaintance hastily, wanted a blank envelope, call that Jiang great artist autograph. The person on the edge looks one arris of one arris, this Zheng Qi 5 how should rise " chase after astral a group of things with common features " came? Say an impolite word actually, in this campus, my reader wants many times than his at least!

An autograph is sealed procrastinated several years, the tail procrastinates at long last, compare British lady pull the ground to still grow skirt, the United States must make a person terrible!

The 2nd tail is longer, pull yesterday talent to end all the time. Yong Jian sends the young teacher Guo that Department of Chinese Language and Literature of some Japan school has never met before an email, saying is he is writing a book, should cite my essay " beg " , request to allow. I agreed of course, what is there against it, benefit person hoggish! Dan Chaochao dusk, the thing faded from his memory very quickly. Suddenly Mr. Guo was hit yesterday come to send a book to come, call me be overjoyed temporarily! His title is " the mystery of creation -- sculptural studies Li Weisi " , press of high mountain the foot of mountain in January 2007 edition. My essay is found a place for be on 52 pages by full text, ha, it is this 52, one has the secret number of lot with my pole! Name of if of Guo Yong Jian's person, it is Cai Jun of a youth absolutely, our feel like old friends at the first meeting, wine meets bosom friend. He has rich settle or live in a strange place in sina, the influence is actually over me. He still has a special status -- a door child that easy meridian passage teachs, that is last centuries the thing at the beginning of 90 time. What he comments the ten words of easy meridian passage is big be about very quickly to publish. Child comments an adviser have an advantage to also have a risk very much very much, mr. Dan Xiaoguo says this book very self-confidently will be all " judge easily " in the character mix a the most accurate the most objectively. I believe and expecting.
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