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Authentic work of yuan of 4 Wang Meng that folk keeps only " the tea that boil p
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Yuan of Chao Wangmeng " the tea that boil pursues " it is exclusive one sorts the Wang Meng work that keeps folk

Hong Kong beautiful person hold media seventeen days preview, exhibited one batch will be drawn at book of ancient time of China of lunar base on sale, yuan of 4 king unconscious authentic work that folk keeps only " the tea that boil pursues " Jing shows among them.

Occupy beautiful person to get the introduction, yuan the authentic work of 4 Wang Meng is worldly and mutual 11, nowadays has hidden 10 times at museum of museum of Beijing the Imperial Palace, Taipei the Imperial Palace and Shanghai museum respectively. Wear a collector Wu Hufan thinks, it is beautiful person get on sale " the tea that boil pursues " , it is the Wang Meng authentic work between exclusive Shang Zaimin, very god-given. Of view, chapped law heavy and complicated, style of writing or drawing carries a vessel, chain of mountains is folded emerald green, simple and honest China grow. Painted scroll upper part, return Wen Gongliang having house, county the preface and postscript of medium, Huang Yue, Yang Shen. Its appraisal is as high as 600 to come 8 million HK dollar.

Weigh yuan of 4 home Ni with Wang Meng (the assist other king) " Mo Zhu " , also be appear in second auction, jian Jian counts a pen, ease enrages be overflowing with, the double postscript that a clear collector bridge chapter hards iron at back up 裬.

Another calls valence the 600 length to 8 million HK dollar roll the name is " holy Seng Fuhai pursues " , 18 arhat are drawn on. Beautiful person must say, before metaphase of Northen Song Dynasty, arhat pursues only 16, just join later fall dragon, Fu Hu two arhat. This draws this shows of division of history into periods, do not cross yuan of generation the latest. Besides roll end has bright Song Ke of Chu Dashu Legalists grows postscript, book mark is elegant.

The high-quality goods of San Yi of quiet court royal court, to angle of the home that it is Tibet. Beautiful person gets spring sale to be able to go up, still will auction bright 4 everybody of Wen Zhengming " Xin Yan piece poetic intent " , of Chou Ying " Yi of celestial being of a fabled abode of immortals " hand scroll.

Face post also auction. Hank is as long as 10 meters " graph of Xi Xi of Fu of the first month that face Zhao coils " , it is clear first 4 child one of king (go up feather below army) literary work, force seeks Great Master state.

A book of rubbings also has beautiful to taste. It is beautiful person get pat in there is a talk in tasting " lack seventeen seventeen post " , namely " Song Ta seventeen post " a book of rubbings. As it is said former mark is Tang Ren double hook this, mi Fei is when Northen Song Dynasty all. Mi Fei is cut after among them seventeen as easy as the person picture, reason is short of seventeen. This a book of rubbings, with develop of cicada's wings of gold foil paper, for pure Song Ta, appraisal million HK dollar.
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