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First country folk collects culture exhibition Zun Quan to open a shop
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15 days, folk of the first country of countrywide collects culture exhibition to be in county of different advantageous position closes a village to open a shop formally on the west. The collects a member to taking his to be collected meticulously partly curiosa of Taiyuan comes to exhibition, brought rich mental culture to old quarter people.

This the exhibition exhibits in all ancient coin of Chinese past dynasties exhibits casing 85 pieces, from China the earliest money " shellfish money " , of age the Warring States " knife, cloth, annulus, formic nose money " , after be being united to the Qin Dynasty again " the Qin Dynasty half " , past dynasties " Fang Kongyuan money " and latter-day " mechanism money " , can see Chinese money culture from which evolve and develop. The high-quality goods of more than 100 calligraphy of Guo Jianwei of member of party of calligrapher of society of law of the credential in still exhibiting at the same time, Sino-South Korean. The biggest, window returns the dimensions in the exhibition at most is exhibit by 143 board of composition " gules Tibet is tasted exhibit " .

During the exhibition, taiyuan collects association and Tibet of provincial capital part to taste appraisal expert to be old quarter of different advantageous position freely still collect lover appraisal Tibet to taste, impart collect knowledge.

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