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Folk-custom of Gansu Province of shadow of skin of paper-cut of too smooth sound
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Lanzhou sprinkler reads extensively initial design program gives the square before garden door furnace, the characteristic of Gansu Province folk-custom such as too smooth sound, paper-cut, Pi Ying reads extensively emersion Lanzhou sprinkler field.

This year, lanzhou city reads extensively investment construction sprinkler garden main body and project of form a complete set, include to be in among them read extensively field advocate the entrance two side build distributing center square, with the amuse oneself of convenient tourist. At present sprinkler reads extensively program of design of the square before garden door already gave heat, will moving to gate public toilet according to design program to the gate on the west side, be together to be united in wedlock with integral landscape, the public toilet is exterior housing materials will be given priority to with bluestone brick, wood, do one's best and gate booking office, collect fees place one's style of work as well as one's moral quality is consistent. In north of distributing center square on the west two side, install the paper-cut that celebrate this world, Pi Ying to wait for culture of folk-custom of Gansu Province characteristic respectively, configure water scene appropriately at the same time, column of sculpture modelling lamp is roused for peace and tranquility among, sculpture of different postural character surrounds all round. (news source: Lanzhou evening paper)

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