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Overseas order for goods emerges suddenly Pi Yingli is tasted " outside the wall
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Commune of art of shadow of family name of Shanghai the Kingdom of Wei received the large order that comes from the United States a few days ago, they will be custom-built many 100 Pi Ying that a shadowgraph place needs, value is controlled in 10 thousand yuan. Wei Chao of controller of family name of the Kingdom of Wei discloses, because shadowgraph is stagnant, pi Ying basically is the formal existence that passes folk-custom handicraft. As gift, pi Ying is in abroad at present very welcome, but in home instead market not free.

According to introducing, shadowgraph is one kind passes white cloth act, the lamp image that uses show of plane idol person will reach the Thespian form of artistic effect. The plane in shadowgraph occasionally person and occasion prop scenery, it is civilian actor uses handiwork normally, knife carve coloured drawing or pattern and become leather, the shadow is a skin that friend says.

Of Pi Ying make trivaller, need to be raw material with ox skin, the course is blown, grind, wash, quarter, chromatic etc two working procedure, be carved by professional handiwork and become. Choiceness of modelling of leather shadow finished product the chic, fastidious that use color, its cut worker worker most see time. Pi Ying can be collected, can make decoration, also can take the bamboo at the back of Pi Ying to sign his to perform, the gift with accordingly more average price is some costlier also. The market price at least of a Pi Ying is gotten 100 multivariate. Wei Chao expresses, at present the leather shadow product of own company basically is export, a few countries wait in the United States, Germany, France very popular.

Not long ago, commune of shadow of family name of the Kingdom of Wei is returned with shopping website " net Shanghai " signed the agreement that offer money, because the price is higher,wait for an element to cause a sale not quite with conduct propaganda at present not free. Nevertheless, although Wei Chao dare not cherish too big hope at present to domestic market, but he is not crestfallen. Now, small shop of Shanghai some gift had had his Pi Ying, also teahouse decorates metope with it. Next, he hopes his Pi Ying enters the gift shop of street can morely. According to Shanghai controller of house of culture of folk-custom of area length peace introduces, at present whole Shanghai has a shadowgraph class only, the age of actor is as high as 669 years old. The goal that establishs theatrical company is to preserve traditional culture of China unapt disappear, ordinary show also basically is for culture communication. Wei Chao thinks, shadowgraph should survive, must be on commercialized road, he what only can do now is a Pi Ying form promotion with gift. (news source: Daily economy news)

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