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Northeast " 3 blame greatly " folk-custom is exhibited seek young audience form
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"Window paper paste is outer, feed child trice to come, seventeen, girl of 8 years old is holding opium bag, do you say to be not blamed quite? Be strange! " the already had more than 200 years of histories just about northeast folk-custom of this description " 3 blame greatly " . During 51 golden weeks, museum of temple of article of city of Jilin province Jilin is held " northeast ' 3 blame greatly ' folk-custom is exhibited " , reveal bequest of culture of this one regional mankind formally to the public first, attracted numerous citizen.

Before a many century " leisurely car " , be lost is close the old match of hundred years " take the light " , varied northland smoking set... the precious cultural relic of this second exhibition has more than 300, at the same time complementary with collect carefully the character of old photograph and full and accurate introduces. Looking at a scene to reveal the one lever on the heatable adobe sleeping platform inside the area to grow small-bowled long-stemmed pipe, a watch person that passes 6 a period of ten years in one's age can'ts help dropping the tear comes, she says: "It is before my home so conflagration kang, that long small-bowled long-stemmed pipe on small kang table resembles is my Mom those who use... these things cannot see now! That long small-bowled long-stemmed pipe on small kang table resembles is my Mom those who use... these things cannot see now!!

Because special climate reachs zoology condition, northeast formed a large district unit that has distinguishing feature alone since ancient times, live in the people on this land, in the process that makes a fight with environment, also formed gradually with austral and disparate habits and customs and humanitarian landscape.

"Old girl is holding opium bag " , it is among them one of. According to announcer introduction, northeast has natural immense forest resource, dense immense forest differentiates the dweller into a certain number of little village, beast bug snake is extremely easy the ground that these people occupy patronage. The beast is afraid of light, bug snake is afraid of the tobacco tar flavour in tobacco, below this kind of environment, northeast person nurturance the habit of smoking. When northeast old girl respects smoke to elder, also want " Da " a few, touch some of tobacco tar flavour so that self-defence, as time passes, unavoidable suck addiction, smoke bag often also must accompany the left and right sides.

"Northeastern nowadays country, still a lot of people besmear toward ankle black sticky substance of small-bowled long-stemmed pipe, in case the snake is bitten, this is a kind of inheritance of pair of old experience of life. " Wei of week of deputy curator of museum of Jilin article temple tells a reporter, doing an exhibition basically is to want " the folk-custom culture with northeast and peculiar protection " : On one hand, this the northeast area history of 229 time, geographical to the century on research, public feelings have very great help; On the other hand, of the intelligence an wisdom that this also is pair of northeast people reveal, because a lot of folk-custom are " the crystallization of wisdom " .
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