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Civilian paper-cut art is exhibited draw people look
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The girl below mosque of Er of Ga of Ai Di of assorted of Xi Laifu of wheat of Xinjiang singing and dancing, noise made in coughing or vomiting, grape trellis, " western song king " Wang Luo guest... each dramatic image is in the artist's a dab hand became lifelike. On May 1, urumqi city library and combination of committee of art of Xinjiang folk paper-cut held art of Xinjiang folk paper-cut to exhibit, this art exhibits the look that drew many people.

It is the local customs with Xinjiang nation characteristic is given priority to, it is Xinjiang nation characteristic and traditional folk culture union rises, pass through an elegant work, the reporter ases if the idea that saw authors: Dig the connotation of Xinjiang folk-custom culture, promote Xinjiang folk traditional culture further.

3 hairs spend white old actor, control a little while fold red paper, get on next flying to cut a little while, undertaking in the spot paper-cut is performed, give an audience next, let the masses of view is surrounded to praise greatly in the exhibition hall.

Business of black city library extends department head Cheng Xiaoqi to say to the reporter, this the exhibition is to undertake freely visiting, the hope has more people understanding and the civilian tradition that like China are artistic. Still will hold paper-cut class in weekly end henceforth, ask paper-cut actor to teach this art for children, develop their interest.

As we have learned, this civilian paper-cut art is exhibited will last to May 30 all the time. (news source: Xinjiang economy signs up for reporter Zhang Yingchun)

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