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Jingdezhen porcelain of 4 great beauties board on colourful Shanghai of 3.8 mill
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Highest norms Great Master exhibits Jingdezhen to kick off in the morning

In recent years work of porcelain art Great Master exhibits ritzy other Jingdezhen to come 14 days to be held in Shanghai art gallery at rising today, jingdezhen is all 21 porcelain art Great Masters of national level many 200 work general and Shanghai audience meet. The alone that 4 Great Masters draw in different period place covers ancient time one by one porcelain of 4 great beauties board picture is collected by intentional Tibet home all ready, come out first, according to knowing, this taste appraisal to be 3.8 million yuan absolutely.

This second be being exhibited greatly is Shanghai artistic exposition 10 years series celebrates one of activities, the high-quality goods master piece of Great Master of art of the Great Master of 21 China arts and crafts such as Wang Xiliang, Zhang Songmao, Qin Xilin and Chinese pottery and porcelain gathers together, this still is belonged to on history of contemporary pottery and porcelain first, and reveal in the Shanghai art gallery of high grade, the thing is exhibited to go up to also be belonged to in Jingdezhen pottery and porcelain first.

The reporter sees in the spot, all sorts of red, porcelain carving styles in the green flower that 21 Great Masters produce, traditional decoration, famille rose, new variety, glair, be created in each different history period and collect carefully up to now high-quality goods an excellent work, a lot of it is first time spectacular, reflected Chinese Jingdezhen the top level of porcelain art. Among them, have current most hot Wang Xiliang is inchoate the blueness of board picture, Qin Xilin spends the porcelain of kettle high-quality goods, Zhang Songmao in glair red taste absolutely, many work can serve as not for sale to display only.

As a result of from on 80 time begin the century, jingdezhen porcelain art the Great Master's work is risked by a large number of copy, all sorts of sham ancient porcelain also floods the market, damaged Jingdezhen porcelain badly figure and potter people rights and interests, the intention of this second exhibition, hope to let true porcelain namely art high-quality goods will rise broad the horizon of the person that collect.

It is reported, after exhibiting an end greatly, work will move square of the Xin Taifu in division continues to be contacted intimately with the citizen. (news source: Zhan Hao of reporter of news evening paper)

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