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Great Master of pottery and porcelain is exhibited, does the government become s
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Jingdezhen china exhibited to Shanghai again! This message has bit of aesthetic exhaustion possibly to many audiences. Kick off the day before yesterday " work of Great Master of Great Master of Jingdezhen China arts and crafts, art of Chinese pottery and porcelain is exhibited " the art with the most authoritative on Shanghai place exhibits a house -- , Shanghai art gallery, sponsorring just is Chinese ceramics industry association and government of Jingdezhen city people, stunt is compared it seems that before any want resonant. The china of aesthetic exhaustion is exhibited

The porcelain that Jingdezhen is become famous China and foreign countries, the kiln fire of chiliad, accumulated inside information of solid culture of pottery and porcelain. Although be in of art of pottery and porcelain " title cent is sealed " in, have all sorts of honor such as the whole nation and place respectively, but Great Master of Chinese arts and crafts and Great Master of art of Chinese pottery and porcelain are accepted top class aptitude. A staff member tells Shanghai east morning paper reporter, exhibit an assemble the work of Great Master of Great Masters of 12 arts and crafts such as Wang Xiliang, Qin Xilin and art of 9 China pottery and porcelain.

What represent culture of chiliad pottery and porcelain to this is top class showpiece, audience of a few art gallery expresses however and not very is interested. A few person that collect say: "Jingdezhen china is exhibited too much, every time so-called Great Master gathers. " a staff member also is opposite Shanghai art gallery this one exhibition objects: "Hear Jingdezhen china, the china that thinks of to pile up in Shanghai street is on sale, the sense that gives a person is this kind of activity can be held in art gallery actually! The sense that gives a person is this kind of activity can be held in art gallery actually!!

The visual exhaustion of the audience is on sale with frequent Jingdezhen undoubtedly about, be on sale greatly besides the open air that often appears in a certain corner of the city outside, shanghai is in had one year in time in the past " Jingdezhen is beautiful assist curiosa of Great Master of pottery and porcelain is collected exhibit " , " Jingdezhen porcelain art Great Master curiosa is exhibited " and " culture of Jingdezhen pottery and porcelain is exhibited " wait several times to exhibit, sponsor just be Jingdezhen beauty respectively assist wait for an organization, and even Jingdezhen municipal government. A Great Master of art of pottery and porcelain of Shanghai ever expressed, for the moment not refer item on display actors or actress second, this kind did not plan, be short of management dispatch again and again chiliad porcelain cheated a shadow. Government is it possible that be also stunt?

Although this the exhibition is working Chinese pottery and porcelain,trade association He Jingde presses down the fascia of city people government, but operator is Jingdezhen however company of a ceramics, item on display is the work that their representative sells. When Qin Xilin of dean of reputation of institute of Jingdezhen pottery and porcelain accepts reporter of Shanghai Oriental morning paper to interview, express, this the exhibition follows before the biggest distinction of all previous depends on is pure art, do not sell in the spot. Publicize not difficult however discovery through what the spot extends however, after art gallery ends showpiece, these item on display should move place of one large trade sells division urban district. In art gallery showpiece time by a definite date 5 days, in commercial place be on sale to last 9 days, "Pure art " the exhibition seems to be in solicit a client for sales compaign.
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