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Model wears 1 million " crystal garment " the auction on the net
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Occupy British media 20 days to report, recently, a naked body of 20 years old of female model is enclothing Germany million " Shi Hualuo world is strange " crystal, the crystal of these beautiful bright is auctioned on the net.

The person that this one network auctions the group of the meeting to do -- the Malien Kukekuweisiji that comes from German Berlin says, these crystal will be become independent to sell, every crystal price is 1 euro at least (68 penny) . And be sold as more and more crystal, the body place with nude model also will increasing, sell when crystal after ending, this famous model is special also will bare whole body. After the auction ends, the young model of this sexy beauty brights on pick off body last crystal, in sending it to the hand that wins the home finally personally -- no matter win a body,manage the world any corners. Kukekuweisiji says: "The desire to buy that I hope this can arouse the person that bid looks, can sell a more crystal thereby. " (news source: Hydrology of net of Yangtse Evening Post)

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