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Contemporary screen is not defeated by the ancients
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Writing sea held on May 22 the 52nd period the auction is met on, screen of dragon of carve of annatto of clear palace of a copy male will appearance appear.

This screen is 2.88 meters tall, going up century 559 time, by the old actor of company of Chinese imports and exports the screen of clear palace of according to male is modelled on and become. As we have learned, bright Qing Dynasty the emperor of two generation, it is bedroom palace with palace of male Qing Dynasty more. So important royal hall, ben display also very fastidious. Gao Xuan's a horizontal inscribed board " conscientious " below, the huge screen after throne is conspicuous all the more. Of this arsis be modelled on screen uses classy annatto, according to objective is real size, all previous gives the whole screen with baronial imposing manner via counting year of sculpture. Carve of screen the whole body has numerous Long Wen, individually power essence of fierce, sculpture accurate, lifelike, have the feeling of be vividly portrayed greatly, have very tall aesthetic and collect value, it is rare display is tasted.

In addition, this field auction still can add jade article special performance, among them one is jade raw material with Tian young makings, heft 23 kilograms, common says " hematic jade " , very god-given.

This cent of on sale painting and calligraphy is 5 special performance, include modern painting and calligraphy, contemporary painting and calligraphy, canvas and perform elegant hall to collect special performance to wait. Divide Qi Baishi, magnify 1000, outside the high-quality goods of traditional Chinese painting of the everybody such as Li Kuchan, special increased aquarelle, gouache and canvas to pat article, be worth to hide an attention.

It is reported, auction meeting general this to be in capital wide center to hold at coming 22 days on May 20, 18 days, hold preview two days 19 days. (news source: Chinese business signs up for - collect auction gazette Dong Li)

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