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Tianjin city rolls out large Tian Huang to exhibit
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A few days ago, center of appraisal of artwork of golden emperor edifice ran one large field of our city Huang Zhan. This cropland Huang Zhan has 50 in all with all possible means Tian Huang Tibet is tasted showpiece, the Tibet that exceeds 100 grams among them is tasted occupy 90% above, gross weight amounts to 10000 grams above.

Breed of this item on display that second Tian Huang exhibits has Gong Tian, Huang Tian, Bai Tian, green cropland, grey cropland and Hei Tian. Different and tonal Tian Huang has reveal. Like tangerine short for xipi and erhuang, gold yellow, loquat fizzles out, chicken is oily yellow, apricot yellow. Among them the interest that golden bag silver and silver cover with gold leaf two Tian Huang caused the person that look around. (Liu Jia of reporter Liu Jinghua's trainee)

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