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Small mud enjoys a big business annual battalion closes 1 million
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Can small mud enjoy a big business? Limited company of Shanghai unapproachable gift (weigh unapproachable gift below) core business is " play mud " -- , the personalized figure figure with sundry sculpture, from the small-sized atelier of the 45 people dimensions that has 9 clients only, unapproachable gift already developed business to spread all over 6 big areas of countrywide the gift company of more than 10 cities.

2002, one of author of unapproachable gift -- , Zheng Yuanying attended a sculpture to exhibit. The Bai Ni that she imports with a kind of Korea is call in figure of guest spot sculpture, drew the attention of a lot of visiting tourists, among them a travelling merchant that comes from Singapore, means of artistic to this kind creation is very interested, ask to order on the spot make 500 individuation sculpture.

Discovered among them the Zheng Yuanying of business chance, 4 associate such as immediately and Yang Lin invest 350 thousand yuan together, founded 0 times jointly in Shanghai 1314 artistic atelier, it is chief source with character photograph, the design is various lifelike cartoon figure, make 22 centimeters tall 13 centimeters wide personalized sculpture.

Because the product has distinguishing feature, unit price also can be accepted for client place, personalized sculpture sells very well in Singapore, caused the attention of company of a Hong Kong very quickly, they offer the sale that wants acting product to be in Hong Kong actively.

After this, hong Kong and Singapore became the market with 1314 artistic the mainest atelier 0 times, bring every year for atelier 60 thousand - the profit of 150 thousand yuan of RMBs, yield their gain the first pail of gold.

Rose 2004, their upcountry market is extended, developed more than 10 agents in the city such as Beijing, Xiamen, Zhengzhou early or late, developed 14 to sell goods on a commission basis inside Shanghai again business. The business street that their product begins to appear in busy streets, large supermarket sells, annual sale sum total amounts to 6000, bring nearly 1 million yuan of turnover.

Although sale status is pretty good, but they are registered till the ability at the beginning of 2005 establish limited company of Shanghai unapproachable gift. One of main reasons are productivity finite. Make carve of a mud, often want the time that spends a primary labour one day, and foster a primary labour to need half an year at least. Additional, material price and personnel pay cost are exorbitant, also affected net profit income, at present the profit margin of the company has 10 % only - 15% .

Nevertheless, they special still to this one market value, still enlarging a representative actively at present, sell goods on a commission basis, join in the amount of the enterprise, the ad that carries a variety of forms enlarges a product famous degree. (news source: Daily economy news)

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