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The happy move that Harbin lets I am gutty and tremendous -- visit Yu Qingcheng
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The day before yesterday afternoon, just from Tianjin travel-stained the Great Master of is engaged in clay sculpture creation civilian arts and crafts that comes to Harbin is become at celebrating, the first word that sees a reporter is: "Come to Harbin, I have kind of tremendous happy feeling. I have kind of tremendous happy feeling..

Harbin gave me tremendous arena

Come round to attend " garden of sculpture of sun island Yu Qingcheng " the Yu Qingcheng of ceremony opening garden, explain oneself excited affection so: "Every artist longs to show his work to common people on a tremendous arena, the work that yearns for oneself is understood and agree with. Harbin gives me a such chances, round a dream in my life. round a dream in my life..

The ideal level of work outstrips an imagination

Drive car hurries to the Yu Qingcheng of Harbin from Tianjin, did not consider on the sculpture garden that rested to name with him name. Before each work, his for a long time stays, look up and down, caress even. Stop at " waiting for a moon to be mounted " before this throughout the country's biggest cast-iron sculpture, he says excitedly, the ideal level of the work inside sculpture garden, outstripped his imagination. He expresses, he is very satisfactory to each work, sublimate that thinks this is pair of his work of art even and create again. Casting copper, cast-iron not only trustily reductive, enlarge his work, and the unique flavor that still showed metal and simple sense.

The greatest good fortune is the artistic language that finds his

Speak of artistic creation, yu Qingcheng is having original opinion. He thinks, present artistic worker parts two busy things: One kind is pursuit economic benefits, another kind is to seek the artistic language that belongs to his. As an artistic worker, can finding the language that represents him art style is by no means easy thing. He says, the good fortune with him the greatest lifetime, found oneself artistic language namely. He harvests these what end is social environment to bring up.

Of Harbin include ability is praiseworth

The Yu Qingcheng that was born 1944, in " Culture Revolution " during broke attend school way because of domestic composition problem. Edge of dry farm work is drawn by the side of him, in labor intermittence conveniently can grab clay beside the character is held lifelikely. That paragraph of years, also be a paragraph of time with the greatest influence of road of heart of the following to him creation, resemble the character that often behaves in his work, as careless root, the life is poor, however humanness is hopeful and open-minded. This became the precious spirit fortune that accompanies his lifetime.

Yu Qingcheng has the self-confidence with kind of folk art peculiar home. When be asked he thinks whether its work can be accepted by Harbin citizen, he says for certain: "Sure. Because of the inspirational and whole northerly country of my work, come from have Chinese distinguishing feature most and the traditional culture that precipitates thousands of years. " at the same time, at celebrating didymous Harbin this internationalization includes metropolitanly ability expresses to admire. He says, harbin is with foreign flavour celebrated metropolitan, cannot think of, city leadership and relevant personage can provide a mind which perceives both past and future ground alone from him " earth must drop broken bits " aesthetic feeling is found in work, gasp in admiration making a person.
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