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Upright midday arrives " zhongzi handicraft " accept citizen favour
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Upright midday arrives " zhongzi handicraft " accept citizen favour

"The business is very good, one day can sell 200 at least! " still have a week from dragon boat festival, nanjing east the Cai Tong Detang on the road already rolled out shop of festal sweet bursa. Be opposite this how to to have the small shop of the eye, the citizen shows strong interest. These days Shen Cheng street, the article of day of dragon boat festival that contains folk-custom distinguishing feature is in sell like hot cakes.

Flavor is the speciality of drug-store originally, because this Cai is the same as the old name such as heart hall, Tonghan spring hall,happen to coincide the ground rolled out festal sweet bursa. In the sweet bursa that braids with multicoloured silk thread, of the flavor that each drug name matchs oneself, odour sweet alcohol. According to introducing, the medicaments in sweet bursa is had wake the effect of cerebral drive midge, adorn go up in the body already in season conduce to again healthy. In addition, tonghan spring hall still rolls out agent of sootiness of the root of Dahurian angelica of the rhizome of Chinese atractylods, the agent puts the sootiness a packet big to be ignited indoors, can effective surface-to-air gas undertakes alexipharmic, drive anguine bug 100 feet. Face a salesperson explain, miss Wang of firm job buys the earth's surface of the surprise after next sweet bursa to show, "Cannot think of to so deep Chinese traditional medicine still is included to inside information in little sweet bag! " her mother criterion buoyant ground has taken dose of a packet of sootiness: "This more pure and fresh than contemporary air agent is more natural, want to buy at ordinary times still cannot be bought! Want to buy at ordinary times still cannot be bought!!

Author discovery, no matter sweet bursa still is sootiness agent, the price wants a few yuan of money only, unusual in a popular style. The salesperson of drug-store expresses, understand folk-custom article to let more citizens, kiss besides the price civilian, return specially to design sweet bag so that accord with the aesthetic view of young. For example, the sweet bursa of heart-shaped form is a delegate originally " good memory " , often adorn to children before; But pass 5 kinds of brocade now decorate, "Heart-shaped " became " love " , become the authenticating object that conveys friendly feelings. And more sweet bursa break through original simple model on the design, wait for craft through word of colour spic, wire inlay, embroider, make conventional sweet bag is a kind of adornment not only, still make the delicate gift that conveys a blessing. Face these change, the purchaser this year is much mediumer many young face.

According to the tradition, put on tiger head shoe to the child even in dragon boat festival, perhaps hang those who contain tiger figure in the bedroom, avoid in order to rise to exorcise the calamity, effect that protects health. Before, these folk-custom article basically are in northern city is popular, but in Shen Cheng street also appeared this year similar goods. Inside the small commodities market around town god's temple, the exquisite that make formative cloth hangs all sorts of tiger head shoe, any of the twelve animalses very good annul. Booth advocate tell the author, the folk-custom goods that sells previously nothing more than knapsack of Chinese knot, brocade, without apparent festal characteristic. But she is acted the role of tasted inquiry about characteristic of dragon boat festival this year by many clients, entered this to approve folk-custom article from north for this specially. Saying, she still revealed an embroider to have scorpion, snake, centipede, wasp, toad to the author " vest of the five poisonous creatures " : "Let a child put on a vest, mean be far from these animals, also be invocatory and restful meaning. " a citizen places this beforehand before a month.
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