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Does birthday gift show sudden huge profits by who does the first pail of gold g
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Gift spending all through the ages is a big market, it is the industry that invests poineering first selection, these a few years, accompany those who follow a national economy to be climbed continuously litre, the gift consumer group of our country is more evolve towards qualitative change ceaselessly by quantitative change, this among them, especially demand of birthday gift market, it is to show more rise sharply trend, management birthday gift is regarded as the popular item that can produce sudden huge profits most, include time of Hong Kong pattern inside a batch of global companies that run birthday gift technically by ecbolic come out. Since they are regarded as generally to be gift industry rises, seize birthday gift business chance the earliest, the enterprise that rises abruptly quickly.

Growth of birthday gift market shows geometrical fission trend

Traditional point of view thinks, birthday gift spending shows direct ratio with economic progress level, in economic poverty period, people is used at consumption without more spare cash, only economy developeds after income increases, the spare cash that just can more people are willing to take have more than needed is used at crossing birthday or birthday gift spending. But, this kind of viewpoint states the category that the ground is a quantitative change merely, new point of view thinks, after economy developeds, the behavior that people consumes to birthday gift, still be the process of a qualitative change actually, quantitative change is a crowd by little grow in quantity, qualitative change is from sheet all along diversity, from simple elephant delicate change, from view and admire a gender to practical, wait to personalized direction from general comfortable sex produce comprehensive fission.

It is with pattern time gift exemple, 2001, pattern time had extensive market research, tone checks the elephant includes: Employee of officeholder, individual operator, medium and small businesses, doctor, lawyer, free profession person, the estate of 9 great societies such as student, teacher, farmer. Findings makes clear: Object of give sb a present is ordinal for: Business relation door, the sister of lover, children, parents, spouse, brother, colleague that be close friends, close friend waits. Frequency of the give sb a present in a year reachs a person at most 267 times, least two, it is on average 3.9 times; In amount of give sb a present, the most expensive achieve 1288 yuan, 11 the cheapest yuan, average 35.6 yuan. Accordingly computative, the birthday gift market of our country is 180.5 billion yuan.

This investigation makes clear use at, the birthday gift of public relations of interior of business affairs contact, enterprise is holding significant position from which, this makes clear, birthday gift is to increase sentiment of friendship, agglomeration not just, however more and more apply at commercial interest, in some sense, birthday gift has become an enterprise to manage action a component. This is birthday gift cost goes continuously, the main factor that birthday gift market produces fission.
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