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Arts test counseling: more than pro forma art to practice basic skills measu
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In less than a month, will be carried out examination of the art. Related to teacher suggested that candidates in the pro forma period, should practice basic skills. It is understood that the city's art school admission exam and the comprehensive examinations for their school organization, generally examine the color, drawings and sketches the basic content of three parts. Fine Arts Commission in preparation for many candidates test, specifically reported that the remedial classes, according to examination requirements to increase the amount of training to improve professional standards. In order to meet the examiners and some candidates get high scores, and now began to recite a mechanical test requirements. Reporter learned from relevant departments and schools in the past to participate in art exam candidates, many candidates do not have basic art or a halfway decent. No art or painting based on a solid foundation is not the candidates, even took the exam, it is difficult to obtain a pass, because the professional teachers will be able to determine a candidate's art foundation and strength. Beijing Information Technology Institute Language Appropriate the occasion middle school art teacher recommended candidates registered for art majors, the light is not enough interest, but also have some professional basis. Art examination of general characteristics of detection, generally will not be too difficult. Therefore, candidates are still at this stage to strengthen the basic skills practice. Central Academy of Fine Arts Li Fan, deputy director of the view that at this stage, candidates do not need a lot of painting, should be appropriate to stop and summarize the work completed and summarized, to identify which still exist in the lack of basic skills and specific solutions to . In addition, the examination requirement for candidates to rely on memory to memorize the method and desirable paintings. Blindly apply the test required to create, easily lead to works of rigid, uniform, no texture. In recent years some art institutions from the enrollment situation, the candidates each year to increase competition and cultural courses. Therefore, the exam sprint, while candidates in professional practice, do not ignore the cultural lesson review.
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