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Art exam error by students as "tasteless"
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Ten days from the art exam Jinyu, Liu, who lives in Jianghan District has encountered a difficult thing: son of fine arts for three years, he learned a good professional knowledge, admitted to "a" promising. But recently his son's attitude has changed, one would like to test, "the eight Academy of Fine Arts," meaning that the exam did not, as long as the line through the school test. Jia Zhang Ning, the more art training school principals said that last year, there is a test from the city schools, a solid professional foundation, several mock exam scores are 250 or so, and cultural achievements are more prominent focus admitted to full strength University. Later, the candidates are not looked down on the art exam, aimed against the three Academy of Fine Arts. Exam results had only a 220 multisection, failed to meet the admission requirements favorite key institutions; school exam though to get Tsinghua University, Central United States certification, because of cultural studies, and dreams lost in vain. "Exam is an opportunity not a 'tasteless'." City second grade teacher in the art Zhugong Jin believes that candidates should participate in entrance exams as a training opportunity to gain experience in response to the school examination, if the school is also a test is not ideal " retreat. "
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