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The city by the Chinese Art Gallery Art
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Since the founding of New China, Fujian Province, the largest outside the field of art exhibition "Splendid Hercynian Fujian Jin Jing Exhibition of Contemporary Art," recently came to a close in Beijing. In this exhibition, 6 works Quanzhou award. In The winning entries in Quanzhou, Quanzhou Ning Guo academy award-winning work, "Min Sea Fishermen" by China National Art Gallery Committee phase, after careful study, decided Museum collection of Chinese painting, which is the fourth piece by the Chinese Research institutions recognized by the highest collection of art and a permanent art collection of Quanzhou. "Min Sea Fishermen," drawn from Huian fishing port, its composition stable, solid colors, impressionistic strokes, artistically lively performance of the Quanzhou coastal fishing port busy scene. This painting is the artist created in recent years, Guo Ning fine watercolor One.
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