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China to build cultural awareness Concept Art
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October 30 to 31, observed by the Chinese Academy of Arts Magazine and Art co-sponsored by Southwest University, Chongqing, Southwest University of Fine Arts and the Institute of Contemporary Art hosted "view of Chongqing, China Art Forum (2010)" Held at the University in the Southwest. Yang, Vice Minister of Ministry of Culture today, Deputy Secretary-General of the Chongqing Municipal Communication Hang Zhou, China Academy of Art party secretary, Zhang Qingshan, vice president, Southwest University, Party Secretary Huang Rongsheng and other guests Attended the opening ceremony. The opening ceremony, Vice Minister Yang today, Hang Zhou Chuan Deputy Secretary General representing the Ministry of Culture and the Chongqing Municipal Committee made an important speech, Zhang Qingshan, Huang Rongsheng has a speech. Vice-Chairman Mr. Feng Yuan CFLAC also Sent a congratulatory message, congratulated the organization of the Forum. From art colleges across the country, academic institutions, nearly a hundred experts and scholars attended the forum. Opening ceremony by the Academy of Fine Arts Southwestern University, Hang Chen presided. How to construct a view of Chinese art, Chinese art circles has been a concern, it not only affects the process of development of Chinese contemporary art, but also directly affect the Chinese culture in the world to establish voice and status. On this Forum on "China's concept of arts" in-depth discussion of the academic proposition, the proposition will be more to promote awareness and facilitate the creation of contemporary Chinese art and further development. Forum is divided into five thematic sessions, respectively, by Lu Pin Tin, Hui Shang, Ling Cheng Wei, trees, Huang Zongxian, Qiuzheng Lun, Chen drunk, Liu Dong, Chen Shou-Xiang, Zhao rights as emcee. In the panel discussion, experts, learning Those around the theme of the forum "to cultural awareness, build concept of Chinese Art" full interaction. Experts believe that the construct "view of Chinese art," the determination and related efforts is to enhance China's comprehensive national strength, cultural Soft power continue to strengthen against the backdrop, the fine arts colleagues breakthrough thinking by the shackles of Western influence an important manifestation of art. Only break has long been a Western "art" concept as the central values of the established art, art Form and aesthetics, from China's stand, viewpoint and perspective of contemporary art look to build China's new standard system, we can effectively promote the cause of Chinese art and culture towards more cost- China's reality and the direction of advanced culture. Forum, the experts express their views, expounded the "concept of Chinese art," the proposition that the value inherent in Chinese culture connotation. Forum held during the observation by the art magazine, editor of Southwest University of Fine Arts, Culture and Arts Publishing House "to the concept of cultural awareness Construction of Chinese Art - View of Chongqing, China Art Forum (2010) On Collected Works "was officially released.
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