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Insurance calligrapher Ding Yongkang: Copybook of Chinese good drawing publishs
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According to net of Beijing calligrapher association newest statistic, in the Beijing calligrapher that insurance industry holds a post Ding Yongkang is at present home publishs the author with good drawing most copybook. Ding Yongkang is in early or late up to now from 1989 global 32 presses are written publish of all kinds good drawing copybook, video tape (VCD) 98 kinds, can says " copybook king " . Two when he studies good drawings write pedagogy still obtains a country to invent patent.

Ding Yongkang, learned brush calligraphy 1976, entered world of good drawing book 1986, arrived 1986 during 1995, win first prize 7 times in match of calligraphy of national good drawing early or late. Be in early or late up to now from 1989 global 32 presses are written publish of all kinds good drawing copybook, video tape (VCD) 98 kinds, issue close ten million book, it is 90 time active in world of book of Chinese good drawing famous good drawing calligrapher.
Ding Yongkang is enthusiastic at education of good drawing calligraphic and research, he studied 1994 " Tian Zi answers Gong Geshu to write training board " and " Tian Zi returns Gong Ge exercise book " two write education achievement wins national patent. Use him write teaching method education, write the person of the Chinese character to begin to learn, especially teenager children, can overcome word big exceed what is proper, structure effectively inattentive, word does not live standard money of medium, travel is not neat wait for illness, it is intuitionistic and accurate, easy to have hold, rise practice calligraphy the characteristic of quality, consequently times suffer the school to write education attention. July 1994 - in July 1997, the patent pedagogy that publishing house of people education press, northeast Korea nation is him jointly is published write teaching material, namely 9 years compulsory education makes elementary school Chinese 5 years, make 6 years " new word writes an exercise " in all 22, issue continuously in area of and other places of Heibei, Hubei, Jilin old. In July 1997, tianjin people press published for his patent pedagogy 3 " pupil good drawing writes training " , directive 1 - 3 grade pupil practices calligraphy. The patent pedagogy that press of Shanghai society science was him again in August 2002 published regular script and running hand two copybook. 10 come for years, he creates this writes pedagogy, the middle and primary school that has millions of practicing calligraphy is unripe be benefited.

The copybook that he writes very the reception that gets broad reader, 5 years ago, copybook of calligraphy of 7 when he publishs in golden aegis press early or late good drawings, circulation all is in 350 thousand above, especially the portion published in March 1995 " pen wordbook writes new ability law " copybook, end in March 2006, already pressworked 15 times, issue amount to 482000.

Ding Yongkang, it is assistant of general manager of Inc. of Chinese property reinsurance now, chinese calligrapher academician, vice-chairman of association of Chinese finance calligrapher, secretary-general of seminar of art of Chinese insurance painting and calligraphy. Ding Yongkang writes all sorts of published good drawing copybook to be in Beijing at present calligrapher association net ( " copybook shows office " exhibition.
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