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Underwater of Egypt archaeology group is expeditionary remains of city of hair d
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Presiding archaeologist plunges into Egypt gas expressed Xi Ha on May 22, egypt has begun to sink to undertake underwater reconnaissance at Mediterranean archaic Rome city to about the branch.

Reported on May 22 according to Reuter, zaxi Ha gas says in a statement, an archaeology disentombs the group is in 35 kilometers place discovered Egypt north to the south of coastal the Suez Canal remains of this Rome city. Say in statement, at present archaeologist people vase of coin of the remains that had discovered fort of a building, bathroom, Rome here, ancient time, bronze and fragment of a few crockery, all these can date from reachs Rome times. The Roman times of Egypt lasts 30 years to the Christian era 337 years all the time from BC.

According to the report, should disentomb 4 bridge of the castle that the group still discovered to one is flooded by seawater. Be in early 1910, the one part of this castle has been discovered on Mediterranean coasting by people. Say in statement, evidence shows, this castle has one share go up in the coast, and additionally one part is flooded by seawater. In Roman times, this one area is the border land of the eastpart part of Egypt. (News source: International is online Wang Gaoshan)

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