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Demolish ride press dangerous ho
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Recently, construction group is in place of cave in of bright Daigu city wall to undertake clearing.

Last year on November 16, our newspaper once had reported city wall of a paragraph of bright Daigu inside more beautiful park, because be not carried,live the pressure that builds above small building and the message of the cave in. A few days ago, governmental concerned department is contributive 300 thousand yuan, to this paragraph of about 6 meters long cave in bright city wall has consolidate repair. Yue Xiugong expresses field, city wall of 600 years of bright Daigu is already whacked, be badly in need of " decrease negative " ; And before the 13 city National People's Congress such as Dai Huiqun represents this, ever also appealed, will ride the dangerous house that is controlled on ancient city wall to demolish at an early date.

Bright generation city wall is unit of provincial cultural relic

The reporter sees in construction site yesterday, in the cave in of bright Daigu city wall upper part, build have a 2 antiquated building, there still is a bathroom on the side, also ride the wall aspect that is controlled in the city wall. In this building nearby, still have a few one-storey house that bring attic and small building. The Xiaolou of the face stands outside they and close recumbent city wall, made a not small compound jointly. They are to go up respectively 40 time mix the century found a state the house that initial stage builds, had been decided to be fancy dangerous house at present.

According to introducing, the bright Daigu city wall inside more beautiful park only then build at Ming Hongwu 13 years (1380) , be apart from already had 600 old histories today, was decided to be provincial cultural relic to protect an unit in June 1989. Bright generation city wall from Pan Fulu outspread all the time to Yue Xiushan, make an appointment with 1500 meters to grow in all. The Guangzhou that having 2000 old histories cities wall, remain this paragraph of city wall inside this park only at present, it and town sea floor, 5 celestial being watch the belfry from the back one case, become what put only at present bright first one of 3 earth surface historic site of Guangzhou.

As a result of historical reason, from on 40 time have the century, go up in the bright Daigu city wall that at present the town installs 2 date courtyard to be taken, build had 2 Western-style small building. After liberating, it serves as derelict room, bureau of canal of room of the land that belong to city governs on somebody's behalf produce, arrange a person, formed mixture structure three-layer, floor area the compound of 2710 square metre, by town house safety administration is in charge of managing. This building dials Guangdong to save company of group of goods and materials to make the residence use formerly, on July 8, 1999, because the building is mid occurrence collapse, this company reached the house bureau of canal of room of the land that answer city to bring into straight management tubal a room. At present here still has 18 other peoples to live. 2000, bureau of program of city of classics of bureau of city municipal park, more beautiful park is approved, get this lot " construction uses ground program permit " , here makes the range using the land of more beautiful park. 2000, the government takes out 200 thousand yuan to serve as the capital that start, yue Xiugong looks for mapping of person specially assigned for a task field, prove these two Xiaolou belong to fancy dangerous house. Park and room manage sectional negotiation, the hope can demolish these two dangerous houses. Also just reported this matter to construction branch field, but because compensate golden question and room canal branch to cannot be reached,agree, demolish dangerous house be related to abandon oneself to discontinue comes all the time.
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