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Watchtower blueprint is buried i
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Watchtower blueprint

This piece of blueprint of discovery closing the home is a smooth city blueprint of small building of dorp of the 2nd piece of watchtower

A two layer country are Western-style a person of extraordinary powers curtilage, tower aloft high to open bank of smooth town red to press down clever source village in live abroad countryside appoint village of meeting rising sun, look far, old-style Xiaolou is in green woods " a Triton of the minnows " , it is a smooth country ten million the delegate of Western-style building, make a person photographic. This Gu Zhaiceng is 20 centuries the costliest structure in 30 time village, still be sunny village up to now very extravagant old-style big curtilage.

Leave making the same score is me the place that the province declares project of world culture bequest exclusively to open smooth watchtower and dorp at present. This year May, already closed a gentleman to return bank of smooth town red to press down clever source village in what open life of smooth urban district a few years appoint him village of meeting rising sun when ancestor house Mo Lu arranges furniture, the surprise discovered this piece of ancestors stays save in good condition small building to build blueprint, take with him when the ancestor house that ever had lived contrasts, actually just right!

Leave smooth existent many 2000 watchtower, but the sound design blueprint that cannot find a piece of any watchtower. Cultural relic unit saved the blueprint of the small building of dorp of a piece of concerned watchtower only at present. Pass this piece of blueprint that the gentleman discovers this month, it is the small building blueprint that opens dorp of the 2nd piece of concerned watchtower of smooth city. Yesterday, the reporter sees in sunny village, this piece of blueprint has openly figure, side elevation, profile, downstair ichnography and 2 buildings plan 5 parts, every figure all is tagged longly, widely, high have measure, explain scale makes 8 feet every inches calculate. A comrade that opens smooth city watchtower to do says to the reporter, this building blueprint drew the building art essence with the most advanced at that time west, opening native place of smooth live abroad is very scarce, have higher historical culture value.

As we have learned, the architect of this piece of blueprint is to leave make the same score the grandfather Guan Moyuan that closes a gentleman at going up 20 time end draws the century, the century on Guan Moyuan ever had had intimate contact with Sun Zhongshan, it is a famous artist. Closed Mo Yuan 1932 from mothering of abroad return to one's native place, brought back 7 big case " baby " , have the blueprint of this small building that himself draws among them. During the Great Cultural Revolution, pass unripe ancestor house ever by search sb's house and confiscate his property, a lot of costly painting and calligraphy by loot, but building blueprint however escape by the skin of one's teeth.
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