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Culture bequest day opens the Great Wall that repair damage
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June 10 is our country first " culture bequest day " . The 16 building of 7 Lou Zhina austral the 8 Great Walls amounting to mountain that never open is reparative project general that day start working. Deputy director general of bureau of Beijing cultural relic says at making the same score, beijing " culture bequest day " the theme is " protective culture bequest, promote ancient capital outstanding culture " . Will open a hot line that day, draft the opinion that bequest protects and proposal publicly to the citizen. Begin from June 6, in the capital museum will hold culture bequest to protect special subject lecture. This city offers as a gift each unit of protection of producing area, each open cultural relic, museum also will begin a series of propaganda. (news source: Zhang Ran of reporter of newspaper of Beijing recreation letter)

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