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Shenzhen subway had China artistic now classical mural
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Happy eulogy

Wen Bo can kick off on May 18, 2006 that day, 3 subways mural will be put formally in overseas Chinese city east, the window of overseas Chinese city and world 3 sites, this will become China subway history and China are communal a pioneering work of art history. On June 2, the window subway station of Shenzhen world will hold congratulatory ceremony, this ceremony will be attended when Huang Zhuan of organizer of project of mural of subway of broad sense of king of the person that subway mural is created, Zhang Xiaogang and square Li Jun, Shenzhen.

3 subways mural was June 2004 Huang Zhuan of organizer of eve of Shenzhen subway be open to traffic should the inviting of He Xiangning art gallery and overseas Chinese city is city of Shenzhen subway overseas Chinese paragraph the large China that 3 stations area engineers is artistic now mural creation, its engineer a concept to be called " subway art gallery " , this is be in China perhaps is alive bound subway rollout of this one communal space is artistic now the pioneering work of original work. Mural plan stands 3 times according to overseas Chinese city the ground theme landscape of the area: China folk-custom village, happy cereal and the window of the world, decided respectively " harmonious " , " happy " and " Great Harmony " 3 creation theme, invite Wang Anyi, Zhang Xiaogang and Fang Lijun 3 China provide representative artist to undertake mural is created most now. 3 artists are created respectively according to 3 themes inside cutty time piece " the world, hello " , " big family - the subway " and " happy eulogy " 3 large and communal mural.

Of Wang Anyi " the world, hello " , give priority to a problem with invocatory world Great Harmony and peace, use the style technique of wave general creed, show contemporary Chinese open, self-confidence and good-tempered spiritual outlook; Of Zhang Xiaogang " big family - the subway " , portrayed contemporary family of a group of China with the creation gimmick of artist model group picture, the picture is full of harmonious, quiet with self-sufficient artistic conception; Of Fang Lijun " happy eulogy " , portrayed a group of children that run quickly to the sea in the flowers group picture, indicative newborn mankind is great to future of the century yearning. These 3 China's artistic now classical mural is in subway of make one's bow while, will accomplish China the marvellous spectacle of contemporary and public art.

Ceremonial time: On June 2, 2006 15: 00

Ceremonial place: The window subway of the world stands

Nod showpiece: Overseas Chinese city east the window subway of station of subway station, subway of overseas Chinese city and world stands (news source: World art net)

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