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Big river ancient store reproduces
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Two tourist guide Cong Hongjiang that write ancient costume personally are passed before the Suzhou house inside ancient store

Recently, ancient store of Hong Jiang of ─ of ─ of West Hunan Ming Qinggu store begins to undertake overall protection and maintenance, in order to restore its charm of affection of history of bright Qing Dynasty, plan to be built in Ming Qinggu group museum of a commerce builds on the foundation. Current, ancient store already repaired commercial firm of guild hall of partial monument, Shi Fang, commerce, plute to wait for mark sex to build again, one batch has representative old-style Chinese private bank, foreign firm, hotel, oily date to wait to also be in progressively rehabilitate. The ancient store of Hong Jiang of West Hunan town of military importance that is located in Hunan bosom to turn city is one saves in good condition Mingqing ancient store, it only then build Yu Chunqiu, figuration Yu Chengtang, clear Chao Kangxi (1662) become the commercial town of military importance that Chinese big southwest flourishs most at that time later, still store the ancient building of the green flagging of 4 kilometers and period of many 380 bright Qing Dynasty up to now, be known as " Chinese capitalism is budding the activation stone of period " . (news source: Hong Kong is big public network)

A tourist is filming the doorplate of palace of peace and tranquility inside store of big Jiang Gu

The amuse oneself on the floor that two children are in 5 money design

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