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Break ground of Xi Yuan of city of bright emperor of even wider than Beijing emp
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Pass 5 months disentomb, the road in Long Pan east the archaeology of building site of golden city capital construction of side disentombs the job already ended entirely. City of emperor of the capital austral the bright generation that gets attention fully walls on the west in last hour talent fund fund shows a body. Although ground part already alled gone, but its 10 meters broad vestigial enough explains, in those days the emperor city wall that Nanjing emperor city wall compares existent Beijing is even wide and grand.

Railing radical has emperor city 10 meters wide on the west

Relics of emperor city Xi Yuan is located in the northeast horn of whole building site, with city of bright generation emperor on the west gate -- Xi'an door makes a line of straight north and south. The reporter sees in the spot, archaeology personnel already cut off by the waist of emperor wall relics, bright generation is artificial the working procedure of emperor wall shows build clearly to go up in section plane: Workers are in above all Xi'an door up to now gouge is deep between Jin Runfa supermarket control 4 meters pour echelon to grow fosse, bottom coping is 8 meters wide, 10 meters wide; Use in long fosse next 3 add up to earth and brickbat one layer upon layer and alternant shop with respect to tamp. Now, in those days the long fosse of excavate and the bricky earth layer that fill amid still are saved in good condition, clear and visible.

In relics most upside, a stone that archaeology personnel discovered to 3 are as long as a meter, by the cuboid that artificial authentic becomes regulation. The expert is conjectural, this is emperor wall Xi Yuan likely extremely most the component of the lower end. But because lack account, the about of Nanjing emperor wall can pass the account about Beijing emperor wall to figure only. According to " annals of big clear unify " and " clear meeting is in charge of " wait for document depict: Go up greatly below Beijing emperor wall small show echelon, the fence is high one a unit of length 8 feet, below wide 8 feet, go up wide 5 feet 2 inches, namely nearly 6 meters tall, below wide 2. 56 meters, go up wide 1. 66 meters. And from 10 meters wide base the speculation on location, the emperor wall that Nanjing emperor city walls to want to compare Beijing at least on the west is big. Additional, red chalk of besmear of body of wall of Beijing emperor wall, fu fizzles out on glazed tile. Nanjing emperor wall also is Huang Wa of bright red wall likely extremely, imposing manner is grand.

Emperor wall comes up out of land account of proof historical data has by accident

After discovering emperor city walls on the west this, still corrected the error of account of Nanjing place historical data. The expert tells a reporter, think the Hao of Yang Wu city of side is in the road in Long Pan on the west in a lot of account before bright generation is used as emperor city on the west moat, because Xi Yuan of city of this bright generation emperor also is the trend by the river, go to southwest from northeast. At the beginning of disentombing this, suffer the effect of this viewpoint, archaeology personnel searchs the trace of emperor wall in side of building site southwest all the time, but empty-handed. Look now, build the influence that by city Hao Yang Wu did not flow to when emperor city walls on the west in those days, and abide by Chinese ancient time to build Zhongzhengping's straight concept, by Xi'an door all the way Xiang Na is straightforward and build. This is an important discovery on research of Nanjing bright city wall.
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