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Great Harmony: The impregnable b
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The villager of the fort that defend a mouth is in plow the ground

The brick that is a delegate with the 8 Great Walls that amount to mountain builds the Great Wall to differ, in Shanxi with on the west, great Wall more pattern that build with loess tamper appear before people. As " news of 2006 China Great Wall interviews sword Na Chun 10 thousand lis of travel " mobile schedule passes half, reporter round motorcade passed through recently Shanxi is upper, reporters saw Great Wall of archaic tamper earth is in more inside limits of Great Harmony city. These Great Walls present the historical appearance that give, besides shock making a person, also let a person feel, to Great Wall especially the protection that loess tamper builds the impregnable bulwark and development, still a lot of jobs want to do.

The fort that defend a mouth, triumphant fort and town peaceful building

Inside time of 3 days, the reporter inspected tall county of Great Harmony this world to defend region of buccal fort, new flourish triumphant fort and the Ning Lu mouth of left cloud county press down peaceful building site of city of 3 section chief. "Fort " in ancient time once was the foothold that collect is stationed in defending troops, also have a few fort child the distribution centre that the dealings of bilateral classics trade that the government appoints is below blame war condition and trade dot.

Today's fort child in returning a farmer. The reporter is interviewed to the fort that defend a mouth when, the world spit, many farmers are driving bovine farmland below Great Wall foot, busy move sows.

The people of triumphant fort with " triumphant and awe-inspiring gong and drum " the arrival that welcomes a visitor, noisy season ensemble of such instruments with gongs and drums playing the main part rings before the castle of a bright generation. This fort child and a bit a few lis 4 castles, fort that press down Qiang forms north a whole, endure the Great Wall closely, what even if can see today is dilapidated walls only, still can understand old times Great Wall to prevent the martial depth that defends a system.

The building that press down peace is called by local " Hu Xianlou " , be a when Ning Lu mouth puts only enemy building. Upstairs stand in this, the open country that can look down at hill falls. Cadre of cultural relic of Great Harmony city says, it or the fokelore of a few former days because of believe in of place of local common people just are able to conserve.

The protection of earthy tamper Great Wall became difficult problem

The reporter is in these fort child see with a tower over a city gate, all previous classics historical vicissitudes of life of hundreds of years, most wall body already broken. The town wraps a brick outside the building rather, still appear complete, but the wall body of boreal side already craze, be like what have rescue sex not in time is reparative, have the possibility of collapse at any time. Go inside, more damage is serious, can climb ability to be ascended through climbing only. This and hill custom, 8 place tourist such as Da Ling are OK edge rank and the case photograph that go up is compared, big different.
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