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Prevention and cure of ancient building termite calls noisy whole nation De Qing
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Yesterday afternoon, 4 experts such as Guo Jianjiang of director of institute of prevention and cure of termite of heart clear county ascend the train of march to Beijing, drive go to museum of the Imperial Palace, for the Imperial Palace the termite in local maintenance is endangered " feel the pulse " .

Whole nation of art of termite prevention and cure is banner

Before the Imperial Palace that heavying repair one paragraph of discovery has termite to endanger, because prevent and cure all the time,disable, the Imperial Palace begins to seek technology of effective prevention and cure inside countrywide limits.

Ancient building termite of De Qing endangers technology of prevention and cure to go in countrywide front row all the time. April, expert of classics Chinese Academy of Sciences is recommended, committee of management of the Imperial Palace is special accreditation museum of the Imperial Palace Liu Saidi of researcher of ministry of Wen Baoke ability, Wang Fang's engineer, wait in Shi Yong of director of center of countrywide termite prevention and cure accompany below, the institute of prevention and cure of termite of De Qing county that industry will come to to enjoy high reputation before, research technology of termite prevention and cure. Make an on-the-spot investigation group arrived after De Qing, head for ancient stage of Yun Xiu temple and gourd ladle hill instantly, the termite that examined place of prevention and cure of termite of heart clear county carefully to be set over monitors ancient building of control equipment and prevention and cure to get the spot that termite endangers and result. Inspect personnel to say: "Technology of prevention and cure of heart clear termite is quite fierce. "Technology of prevention and cure of heart clear termite is quite fierce..

Alone door technology is applicable the Imperial Palace

De Qing's termite monitors control equipment technology, can come in 0.5 meters termite is enticed inside 80 meters of limits, its biggest advantage is bury device put in the building wall that suffers termite harm all round, introduce termite inside this device, personnel of prevention and cure is right the powder on these termite gush, let them return termite again next group inside, be taken powder again by the termite of the powder on gush termite group, travel each other next, make thereby whole termite group final death. Such destroying is used inside ancient building formic method, stiletto fill drug does not want inside the building, can protect the primitive view of ancient building effectively.

The Imperial Palace inspects an expert to be in a large number of termite that Deqing sees the elicitation that be brought comes inside monitoring and warning device of termite of an ancient architectural, classics spot identifies, the termite with the discovery inside the Imperial Palace exactly like, come loose for yellow bosom termite. Experts prevent and cure to the ancient building of heart clear county termite new technology applauds, say before before leaving: "Method of prevention and cure of this new technology is very applicable to the Imperial Palace.
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