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Gu Jin connects treasure to collect small characteristic of craft of jade articl
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Gu Jin connects treasure to collect small 100 divisions (21)

Gong Shanwen changes characteristic of jade article craft

Jade article of red hill culture belongs to northeast jade system, quality of a material is actinolite -- tremolite kind nephrite, having one fraction is serpentine a kind colour stone jade, its hardness is next to diamond in Chinese ancient time, treatment considers difficulty is very great. Dan Gongshan artisan is when the jade article that make already can the modelling characteristic of basis implements, use cut adroitly, consider, since concealed, a variety of ability such as carve of the bore, polish, in the round, anaglyph, hollow out that appear vulture, two sides Falaijia is versed in jade, make become form the jade article of each different, dramatic image.

Red hill jade article has distinguishing feature alone on score of grain act the role ofing and layout, element of the light that open system does not have element of grain act the role ofing, half light to apply grain, crucial position to use a variety of forms such as grain partly. The implements that smooth element acts the role of without grain if jade band form implement, Yu Bi, Shuang Lianbi, triplex bracelet of annulus of a round flat piece of jade with a hole in its center, jade, jade, lozenge act the role ofing and Yu Fu, jade spins melon, Yu Zhu to wait for a body to burnish; Half smooth element applies the jade article of grain to be given priority to with Yu Long partly, grain score is used in the head, dragon body connects body to burnish; Crucial position applies grain to basically be used at jade article of score animal form, yu Diao, jade? "Volant be about to fly, small jade chelonian is lifelike, card of animal face form is acted the role of, abstract belt ages kind of animal form implement appear mysterious and grave.

In addition, bore and hollow out technology also had main effect when behaving implements modelling. With the eye that behaves an animal to the round Kong Lai that get, basically have look of face of jade fish, animal card act the role ofing, belt ages kind of animal form implement etc, the round Kong Yi of the eye is occupied implement form, have have greatly small. Dragon of pig of 玦 of bracelet of this explicit jade annulus, jade, jade, Yu Bi, Yu Long, jade, 3 aperture implement wait hit on jade article get a diameter relative to larger round hole, in jade band form implement go up the hole with deeper forge. Technology of the hollow out that appear vulture basically is applied at drawing cloud contrast implement, hollow-out place shows circular arc to tick off form. Taking a tooth-like part of anything kind animal form implement eye upside and implement two side also used system hollow out technology.

Look from aesthetic angle, red hill jade article used forms of a variety of composition of a picture and carve ability method not only, and colour and lustre of exquisite jade material and implement the unity of form, pay attention to implement exemple of the harmony that body modelling and score grain act the role of, balanced, symmetrical geometric ratio concerns. He pulls SamSung Yu Long reflected contemporary and aesthetic concept, yu Long's neck and trunk are located in the alleged gold of contemporary and aesthetic theory to break up a line to go up fitly.
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