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The interest of wine edition
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In recent years, in home a lot of market make work only especially in the firm of foreign wine, appeared the capacity is the 30 pocket and bottled wine to 50 milliliter, they are completely narrow all sorts of world name wine in proportion make, with standard bottle outer view, material pledges and on wine mark exactly like, this kind of pocket and bottled wine is hidden what group public figure says to be wine edition by collect namely.

The origin of wine edition, but date from comes 16 centuries end. At that time still is the France that monarch makes, business of a few wine sends a person to make pyxis filling the wine that they produce with contented, hawk to transient pedestrian to the street, be equivalent to the gimmick of conduct propaganda trying drink of nowadays. Those small contented bottle that try drink to the person are the predecessor of wine edition. The wine edition of part of only appropriative at that time propaganda paterial, after circulating via what pass hundreds years, evolve into the commodity that becomes independent into a kind gradually. These wine edition are divided it is certain to have outside collecting value, return what can regard ornamental as small ornament to use.

As a result of mark of wine of wine edition collection, bottle and wine fluid at an organic whole, place hides lover to favor with getting market greatly already in recent years, a lot of people wine edition collect in blending in appreciation, adornment and investment, present the characteristic that gives diversity, because this wine edition already was become gradually,collect the market " cosset " .

At present the commonner homebred wine edition on market has: 6 bottles of boxes that company of Yantai Zhang Yu bishop rolls out hold pocket liquor -- gold prize brandy, claret, delicious think of, white wine, solution commander of 100 Na Gangong bishop, thunder does white wine, each modelling is elegant, the price however also moderate; The edition of wine of golden hairpin liquor that brewery of dream of Sichuan red building rolls out, press our country classic famous work " red Lou Meng " in Jin Chai's respective 12 disposition features, wine make the wine edition that ticks off add to give 12 kinds of different wine to spend, true it may be said tries to be unique, your person cries absolutely. Every bottles of price is in the wine edition that shows raw ingredient of this kind of former juice on the market about 10 to 30 yuan between, can saying is good in quality and cheap in price.

The foreign wine edition that a lot of abroad produce, in home a lot of shops all also have retail, but the price is tallish, every bottles are in about 20 to 50 yuan between, main breed has wine of poem of brandy, whisky, Xuan Ni, Boerduo, Remy Martin, bright Mu to wait. The alcoholic drink that has outfit of fill of edition of individual and high-grade wine is 19 centuries previously, its market price can amount to hundreds yuan of above, nevertheless edition of this kind of wine is in home market is relatively scarce, the person that be collected by wine edition regards curiosa as, the ability when with foreign collect Tibet is the same as good communication is obtained somewhat occasionally. As to the edition of renown wine wine of edition of a few set limit to, if the way is easy edition of wine of suit of 13 high-quality goods, sometimes make a price can be as high as ten yuan.
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