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The traditional Chinese painting of beautiful women in encaustic of recent colou
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Graph of china traditional Chinese painting of beautiful women is with porcelain the embryo is carrier plot, because this mixes the composition of a picture of scene mature arrived this one special element. The figure that uses porcelain fetus with respect to specially when composition of a picture will allocate ably match the layout of scene: Implements cardinal principle is columnar of and so on of the bottle of body, canister, be in implement a side composition of a picture of body, other one side is inscribed with poetic word, such picture both neither are full, increased the angle of appreciation again, appear have grade more; Implements cardinal principle shows what resemble and so on of porcelain board, basin planarly basically is integral composition of a picture, inscribe is in in edge horn; In the basin a kind implement basin underside composition of a picture is used on form, basin hemline predestined relationship is natural limit, make the in be similar to gardens to build casing scene of window and so on, and basin bottom is taken more for indoor scenery, and the basin wall part outside basin bottom bound is a window outside, what draw of course is court view, grasping brilliant Yu Jiawu year the charming basin encaustic of creation, namely one very good paradigmatic.

Graph of latter-day china traditional Chinese painting of beautiful women represents most form is hair worn in a bun or coil of vertebra of head of hair worn in a bun or coil of butterfly hair worn in a bun or coil, alms bowl head, grail, mussel bead, bend,

Because archaic woman gets the tie that feudal ceremony makes, general and exquisite bearing is missish, bearing grace, the movement has section, reservation. The china traditional Chinese painting of beautiful women of likewise recent period pursues medium, depicted woman is Wen Wanxian mostly kind and gentle, bearing grace, the fair maiden with dignified behavior, those women walk lotus pace moves gently, laugh not grinningly, even the hand is divided outside taking a thing, show rarely outside.

Daily life strokes archaic woman mediumly musical instrument, right play chess, read, the activity such as godchild, depict somewhat in the graph of china traditional Chinese painting of beautiful women of recent period. Luo Zhonglin is in implement book of one woman headrest is drawn to small suitcase on the lid lie on one banana leaf, the book is thrown away very far, be full of scowl, implement side draws one woman to fly double arm in window extension forward, be like in extend lazy waist, be like again the issue that makes her glad discovered outside the window and cheer. The tenth of the twelve Earthly Branches of more than far unripe laborious year there is woman both hands to grasping hoe to hoe in work, of movement of action of the woman in resembling these setting depict, can saying is right " in the quadrature in compasses " the revolt of formal requirement.

Pursue medium in the traditional Chinese painting of beautiful women that describes real life subject matter, graph of traditional Chinese painting of beautiful women pursues with baby more be united in wedlock, namely the godchild plan that we say normally, although photograph husband also is the main task of archaic woman, depict the picture that woman and grown man are together singularly however. This perhaps is " give and accept of male and female is not close " the influence of feudal idea.
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