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Mail of HongKong and Macow tastes an accident to lift billows
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Recently, outback mail city gets a country the effect that postal branch throws money in great quantities, with " Fu Wa flake " mail tastes the Olympic Games subject matter that give priority to to dive considerably, the whole mail that affects Chinese inland is issued tasted grail to enter new one round adjust. Be in right now, do not agree the mail city of leisure appeared another prices, its leading role is stamp of HongKong and Macow, especially Macao stamp, many bibcock breed rises already amounted to 50% . The classic subject matter that issues with Macao especially among them is small-sized piece most popular. For instance " on the west travel notes (2) " rise from 20 yuan or so reach 34 yuan; " compartment is written down on the west " and " covering of the fan " rise from 15 yuan reach 23 yuan; Wander around par value all the time " close the Supreme Being " (par value 9 yuan) and " from coquettish " (par value 8 yuan) also Yang Sheng is controlled to 15 yuan.

Inside the mail city of a lot of inside cities, stamp of HongKong and Macow became to heat up door plank piece, a lot of mail business show, it is nearly a few months come on one hand, stamp of HongKong and Macow especially Macao stamp has big fund to enter apparently; On the other hand, outback mail tastes what often be put money by official company to hit pressure, and stamp of HongKong and Macow is minatory without this kind. Issue inside " blessing child flake " during high table dives, macao is small-sized piece go up achieved 50% the left and right sides, and purchaser is increasing.

The prices when prices of stamp of this HongKong and Macow and big 1997 climax is apparently different, investor is centered generally in the breed after regression, imprint namely have " Chinese Hong Kong " , " Chinese Macao " stamp. Stamp of HongKong and Macow is ignored by outback investor all the time after regression, rise in price this consequently belong to fill go up prices.

In recent years, circulation of stamp of HongKong and Macow is contractible with each passing day. Be like Macao stamp, issued 2001 " on the west travel notes (one) " and " historical novel of the Three Kingdoms " two kinds of small-sized Zhang Da 750 thousand, issue this year " on the west travel notes (2) " and " phrasal story (2) " only 200 thousand. Relative to the circulation at outback stamp, in last few years the dish of stamp of HongKong and Macow appears very small, appreciate consequently potential is greater.

Review mixed 1997 1999, because Hong Kong, Macao is returned to, stamp of HongKong and Macow shows scene in mailing city big climax and intermediate 1999 prices 1997. Stamp of after this HongKong and Macow became silent old, till mail city to turn,warm, especially 2007 " catalog of stamp of People's Republic of China " in clear will " Chinese Hong Kong " and " Chinese Macao " the stamp is brought into among them, caused stamp of HongKong and Macow to invest heat.

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