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Heibei discovers " the Warring States 7 hero " the Zhongshan country besides the
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Mound to cooperate to protect (Baoding - mound smooth) highway project, when Heibei saves cultural relic worker to do early days to investigate to area of highway institute experience, in Heibei churchyard of county of province the Tang Dynasty discovers the Great Wall relics that country of Zhongshan of period of a paragraph of the Warring States builds.

The reporter saved cultural relic institute to understand from Heibei a few days ago, zhongshan country is located in today between city of Heibei province Baoding and Shijiazhuang city too travel mountain area, be " the Warring States 7 hero " (neat, Hunan, swallow, Han, Zhao, the Kingdom of Wei, the Qin Dynasty) a besides 1000 countries that take. The Great Wall is located in Zhongshan country too travel Shandong thes foot of a hill or mountain, north has Lai source county, suitable smooth county reachs south, along Tang He east bank, make an appointment with 90 kilometer endlong, mix by many mountain pass composition shutting a city, famous Chinese redbud closes is among them one part. Outside having incomplete wall except specific place, put sign only for the most part nowadays, incomplete wall is highest place 0. 6 meters, 2 meters wide to 2. 5 meters.

The expert says, look from textual research, zhongshan country the Great Wall only then build at BC 369 years, basically be to resist at that time of Zhao Guo inbreak. In Heibei the province arranges the rich village of smooth county churchyard, cultural relic worker still discovered Zhongshan country and Zhao Guo two army what country of the Zhongshan when confronting each other stations troops here is vestigial, this discovers confirm " history the Zhao Shijia that write down · " in " Zhao becomes Hou 6 years, zhongshan country builds the impregnable bulwark " account.

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