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"2 house " many 300 manuscript seals up for keeping hundred years hind appear fi
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The picture austral mountain sends later generations of the founder of a school of learning to abandon a cherished tradition

"2 house " 300 manuscript hundred years hind appear first

Section of art of the painting and calligraphy austral Guangzhou mountain

"Picture collect is done very beautifully, believe the government can compare us to be saved weller certainly. " yesterday, the picture austral mountain sends illuminative the founder of a school of learning " 2 house " Ms. Ju Yuhua is opposite later generations fresh give heat " " house mew, Ju Lian " line drawing is scriptural " an album of paintings is profuse in praise. Many 300 manuscript that this is the collect carefully that occupy the home is in seal up for keeping hundred years hind " appear first " . The reporter learns on the press conference yesterday, section of art of the painting and calligraphy austral first Guangzhou mountain and whole nation the 14th " galaxy award " intermediary heat of art, calligraphy, photography will kick off formally the day after tomorrow.

An album of paintings of line drawing manuscript will compile and print book

Go up in the press conference yesterday morning, the reporter saw just compile and print book " " house mew, Ju Lian " line drawing is scriptural " , the ground of flower simple but elegant of on pure white cover a few line drawing is open. The 4th acting later generations Ms. Ju Yuhua also was in house family name of 83 years old designedly yesterday of family accompany next sitting to wear wheelchair hurried to a discovery. Fine fine ground is touching house mother-in-law deep books, gasp in admiration ceaselessly " binding and layout is very beautiful " .

The reporter sees, the books that this publishs by publishing house of art of mountain South America originally collected house mew, Ju Lian many 300 manuscript of two Great Masters. In a few more days, this books will appear in the whole nation each are big on the bar of Xin Huashu inn, meet with the reader that likes skill of the painting and calligraphy austral mountain.

House mother-in-law the interest yesterday is very high, mentioned the past event with the reporter again, she says this is approved " 2 house " scriptural by treasure of the later generations that reside a family name 100 one's remaining years, be regarded as all the time " cherished tradition " general collect carefully. There still is the picture scroll of scale of large quantities of one house mews, Ju Lian in the home before, because volume is too huge,do not have local Tibet really, in search sb's house and confiscate his property when complete by burn down. To save many 300 manuscript not by burn down, ju Yuhua and mother are forced to use paper of outermost layer of skin to had coiled its, in an empty brick that hides beside the sewer in the home, this ability escaped one disaster.

It is reported, besides publishing scriptural collect articles into a volume, sea bead area is returned will at be in Guangzhou city Saturday originally the 76th middle school exhibits scriptural original.
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