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"Central Plains regards warning " Zhengzhou is started
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Yesterday, "Central Plains regards warning " Henan collects culture height forum to be started in Zhengzhou. Broad the Tibet that collects lover to be able to prepare his to treasure is tasted, the expert of museum of the Imperial Palace will come after the National Day Zhengzhou appraisal.

This the activity is defended by great river newspaper, Henan inspect, association of collector of Chinese painting and calligraphy is sponsorred jointly. Main item of the activity includes curiosa of china of kiln of bright honest and upright official to exhibit, Henan collects seminar of elite of culture height forum and china, calligraphy and painting, jade article. At the appointed time, well-known actress, collector king is firm, credential draws Su Shishu of collector association chairman in, the will present speech such as Xie Peilan of researcher of museum of the Imperial Palace, Zhang Shufen, and with collect lover to undertake communicating.

14 days are mixed on October 13, will 3 Tibet taste appraisal to meet, the expert of museum of the Imperial Palace will be treasure of broad Tibet friendly ancient bronze mirror carefully, of firm of auction of Pacific Ocean of the grain in be being tasted to return organic meeting to attend by the Tibet that the expert values autumn pat.

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