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Mirror of bronze of the Eight Diagrams of Song Daisi god
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Beijing Pan home is one of bethel of antique, regard antique as lover, cannot miss this place of course. My specially goes from Shanghai Pan Jiayuan many times, may be district custom is different, did not find a sense all the time. Before a few days, because play fair of artwork of antique of China of the 10th Beijing, so favour and a few friends go again Pan Jiayuan rambles. Go as a result of before a few Pan Jiayuan, did not seek the thing that admire in the heart, also did not cherish very big hope this so.

Just walked into Pan Jiayuan, transmit a jinghu sound that is full of Jing Yun, can't help experiencing a thick old Beijing to taste, came immediately spirit. Then, my abide sound and go, come to booth of a ground, see only 50 come year old the old man is lost in in oneself jinghu world. His ground was put on booth frame 10 come a sundry old jinghu. Although be to place vendor's stand, but the old man appears more care about play Beijing opera fiddle, he pulled a paragraph, come to a paragraph again; Pulled, change again, the atmosphere of will whole Pan Jiayuan took a long time ago past time...

The likelihood is jinghu sound had effect, I am faint and gutty feeling, appear to be able to find a few things that oneself like this, ramble more invigorative more then.

Rambling, I shine at the moment, see touchdown has a bronze mirror on booth, the scrutiny before going up then. This is the bronze mirror with a not quite large size, the diameter makes an appointment with 150mm, 8 sunflower form, round button, petaline Niu Zun. Niu Sizhou annulus lists 4 gods: Qing Long, Bai Hu, rosefinch, Xuan Wu. 4 gods configuration vivid, figure, the grain of quarter have Taoism the Eight Diagrams outside 4 gods is acted the role of. Observed after tasting oar of photograph, bag, heft, decorative pattern, I feel this is the good thing of a rare.

The design from past dynasties bronze mirror looks on grain act the role ofing, there is all directions in Tang Dynasty appoint lens of horny the Eight Diagrams, but design is simpler, charge for the making of sth. is coarser also. True with advocate the form that grain acts the role of appears is take the place of in late Tang Hesong, and with the Song Dynasty for you most. The modelling of lens of acting the Eight Diagrams of the Song Dynasty is very at present much, beautiful form of form of form of in the right way, 8 circle, sunflower, 8 water chestnut, the name of lens of the Eight Diagrams is varied also, lens of the Eight Diagrams of inscription of lens of the Eight Diagrams of lens of the Eight Diagrams of lens of lens of 4 gods the Eight Diagrams, petaline the Eight Diagrams, 12 n, the heavenly bodies, a way of counting the years waits.

Path of Taoism peace and tranquility is in " classics of peace and tranquility " in come with easy manage the Eight Diagrams " poor path is connected meaning " , the divinatory symbols that weighs the Eight Diagrams resembles change, the life and death that reflected scope of operation, strong of old gas promote disintegration to change, a kind of step that draws factitive what resemble divinatory symbols change to state thought of Taoism morality and justice theoretically. Song Dai is the years with prosperous Taoism, taoism thought circulates in folk very wide, grain of the Eight Diagrams acts the role of the daily articles for daily use that often appears in people to go up, grain of the Eight Diagrams appears to act the role of on the bronze mirror that serves as special at that time fashionable no wonder also.
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